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Technical support

  1. Manual for Trionic's mini pump.

  1. Manual for Trionic's mini pump.

    Using a mini pump can be awkward and difficult. These tips can help your Veloped tire rifill a little bit easier.

    1. The Trionic uses a Schrader valve, which are most commonly found on cars and Mountain bikes.
    2. Use the right setting on your mini-pump. Our pump has two nozzles and you should use the bigger one. If you are not a owner of a Veloped Mini-pump you might have a pump with a nozzle which can be reconfigured. Disasseble the mini pump by unscrewing the nozzle and reconfigure it by flipping the plastic and rubber piece inside.
    3. Remove the cap on the Schrader-valve, if fyou still use it.
    4. Verify pump is in the unlocked position. For most mini pumps there will be a lever that is unlocked when flat against the pump and locked when at a 90 degrees angle to the pump.
    5. Slide the pump onto the valve. Try apply a even pressure straight onto the valve. Push the valve to the side may cause a leak over time.
    6. Once you start to hear air escaping, lock the pump.
    7. Support the far side of the pump. Pump until your desired air preasure is reached. We recommend 2 bar or 35 psi pressure.
    8. Unlock the pump, once you have enough air pressure and remove the pump from the valve.
    9. Don't forget to replace the cap. Done and ready for an adventure.


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