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Tire Options

You can choose between different air-pressured tires, that offer different tire treads and performances.

Trionic X-Country Air-Pressured Tire 12" & 14"

Our top tire choice! All-round tire for off-road conditions and city use. Thanks to the flexible carcass the X-Country offers a very good suspension. The mountainbike-like tread suits off-road use, trails, gravel, snow and also tarmac and cobblestones. With T-Guard puncture protection, "Skin Wall" and reflective logos.

Continental TourRide Air-Pressured Tire 12"

The TourRide tire from German Continental is a trustworthy option for many carefree miles. It offers a tread for every intended surface, the obligatory puncture-protection belt and a high-mileage compound.

Schwalbe Big Apple Air-Pressured Tire 12" & 14"

The unique Balloon-tire design from German Schwalbe provides you with maximum air suspension. The smooth profile, KevlarGuard puncture-protection and reflective lining make the Big Apple perfect for everyday walking – day and night.

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