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Rollators with poor ergonomics

Many rollators, also so-called premium rollators, have hand grips that can only be height-adjusted in 3-4 cm big increments. As these rollators only offer 6-7 fixed height settings, and no increment-free adjustment, it is of course difficult to set the individually correct grip height for each and every person.

In addition, most rollators have a seat that’s positioned too far to the rear and your legs hit the seat when you’re walking. As a result you have to walk further behind the rollator, which automatically results in a crouched and strenuous body posture.

Trionic Walker – Optimal Ergonomics

In order to offer you optimal ergonomics, the grips of the Walker can be height-adjusted free from fixed increments, and you can set the grips exactly at your preferred height. As we all have different shoulder widths, the grips can also be turned outwards/inwards. In addition, the Ergon grips are angle-adjustable, so that you can find your ideal hand position.

In comparison with other rollators the seat of the Walker is positioned further to the front, which offers you greater space for your legs when you are walking. This way you can walk closer to the Walker, which results in a more upright and ergonomically correct body posture.

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